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autumn 2016

Loch Internationals
Autumn International
Llandegfedd, Wales
23rd September 2016
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Curling Club
Scottish Team sponsored by Fishers,  Lake of Menteith Fisheries,  Albert Bartlett,
Pincipal and Prosper,  Gallery Fishings North Esk,  CEF,  Flyfish Europe, Jim Youngman Carpets, Newey & Eyre, 7 plus 7 Construction,
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Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, Margaret King Jewellery and TJL Fishing

Match Report

Scotland came from behind to take the gold medal in the Autumn International at Llandegfedd on 23rd September 2016.  Ireland had netted 37 fish and looked to be heading for first place but the 35 fish caught by the Scottish team had a heavier weight and they took the first spot by 1lb 2.5ozs more than Ireland who had to settle for the silver medal.

The practice days were generally bright with very light winds and the fishing at Llandegfedd was challenging throughout the week.  On the Tuesday there was a mix of light cloud and sun and the teams  had some success.  There was more cloud on the Wednesday which helped all four countries to increase their catch rates and identify the areas and tactics that might work on match day.  Thursday was far brighter than the first two days and the trout proved to be elusive and it was with some trepidation that the weather forecasts for the Friday were being closely monitored.  

Match day started off on the bright side with a light wind which gradually increased as the day progressed.  At the off the boats split with a good number heading towards the dam to drift from there out to the open water with others heading over to the far bank and the remainder going to the bottom end to drift across the mouth of the cages bay and from the deeper water onto the monkey pole shore.  Cloud cover eventually arrived around 3pm.
The managers were watching the match closely and they could see that it was not going to take a great number of fish to win and that it was going to be close.  As the boats returned to the jetty at 6pm the managers quizzed their teams to find out how each of their anglers and their respective boat partners had done.  Gus Shepherd, the Scottish Team Manager, counted in 35 trout and as he was aware that Wales had 26 trout and that England had 30 he was hopeful of success.  However when he heard that Ireland had 37 trout the hopes of the Scottish team took a dip.
Scottish Team Captain Campbell Morgan
receives the winners trophies from IFFA President John Behan

England were first to the scales with a total of 30 fish.  The match was fished on a partial catch and release basis with competitors retaining their first three fish and an allowance of 2lbs being given for each returned fish.  With 25 fish retained and 5 fish returned their weight was 47lbs 4ozs which was later to put them in third place.  The top rod for England was Philip Thompson with 7 trout for 12lbs 5.5ozs.

Ireland were next to the scales and with 28 fish retained and 7 fish returned their total weight for their 37 trout was 57lbs 15ozs which earned them the silver medal.  There were three excellent individual bags for Ireland with Andrew Duncan winning the Brown Bowl as the top individual with 7 trout for 12lbs 9.5ozs.

Andrew Duncan of Ireland
receiving the Brown Bowl from
IFFA President John Behan

Ireland's Tommy O'Loughlin was close behind Andrew with his 6 trout for 10lbs 1.25oz and their Basil Shields also did well with 5 trout for 7lbs 13.5ozs.  The average weight of Ireland's retained trout was 1lb 6.8ozs.
Scotland were third to the scales and when their third angler, Peter Auchterlonie, weighed in the heaviest trout of the day at 2lbs 1.5ozs the Scottish hopes of overhauling Ireland were raised.  Peter was followed quickly by Alan Gilbert who had 6 trout for 10lbs 14.25ozs and their eighth man, Stuart McLean, weighed in with 5 trout for 7lbs 10.25ozs.  Next up was Stuart Marklow with 6 trout for 11lbs 3.75ozs which earned him the Silver Salver as Scotland's top rod.  

Stuart Marklow receiving
the Silver Salver

This gave Scotland a running total of 44lbs 14.5ozs and with 5 anglers still to come to the scales it looked like Ireland's total of 57lbs 15ozs could be within sight.  When the tenth man, Derek Purves, weighed in 5 trout for 9lbs 6oz to put Scotland on 54lbs 4.5ozs it was looking good for a Scottish victory.  Ben Robertson was next up with 1 trout for 1lbs 5.5ozs to edge them closer at 55lbs 10ozs
and when Grant Sutherland put his one trout for 1lbs 15.75ozs on the scales the Scottish total was 57lbs 9.75ozs. Last man in, Mick Thomson, sealed the gold medal with one trout for 1lb 7.75ozs to put Scotland on 59lbs 1.5ozs. 
photo left
England's Top Rod Philip Thompson

Wales were fourth to the scales and their 26 fish for 38lbs 13ozs put them in fourth place.  Top rod for Wales was Tery Llewelyn with 6 fish for 10lbs 13.5ozs.

photo right
Top Rod for Wales
terry Llewelyn
 Autumn International
23rd September 2016

Peter Auchterlonie receiving the trophy for the heaviest fish
Stuart, Campbell and Peter with Team Manager Gus Shepherd
Manager and Captain
Stuart Marklow - Phoenix Silver Salver
3rd overall

I was drawn with Phil Thompson of England and we agreed to start at the middle of the dam.  It was a touch bright so I set up with a 12ft slow tip with a buscuit on the tail and two diawl bachs above.

I took my first fish in the first half hour and the second followed shortly after.  Both took a dial bach.  We repeated drifts from the dam wall out past the tower until about 1pm and I picked up my other four fish there all of which were on the diawl bachs.  We moved over to The Gabions and had a couple of swirls before going back to the dam about 5pm.  I dropped two after 5pm.
Phil changed to a 12ft tip after I caught my first two and he soon went 3 to 2 up. Then it was 4 to 3 for me and then 4 all. I went 6 to 4 up before Phil levelled it again at 6 all. Phil picked up his last fish with 10 minutes to go and it finished 7 to 6 for him.

Alan Gilbert
4th Overall

I was drawn with Craig Barr of England who won the toss and opted to start at the dam.

I set up with a cat booby and black hopper on a Rio midge tip.  Craig took a fish within five minutes of starting and I got one straight after on the booby.  About 30 minutes later I picked up a second on the booby.

At noon we moved to cages bay and drifted over to the north shore.  When the sun came out I swapped the booby for a pennel and picked up my third
We went back to the dam at 2pm and fished out towards the resmix. I picked up my fourth fish near the resmix and about 50 yards beyond it I cast to a riser and took my fifth. I got my 6th fish about 5.20pm near to the tower.
Derek Purves
7th Overall

I was drawn with Lewis Rumble of Wales.  We agreed where to go and headed for the area where a blue boat was moored and drifted from there over towards the monkey pole shore.  

I started off with a cat booby, diawl bachs and a hopper on 6ft fast tip.  I only touched one fish in that area before we moved over to The Gabions to try there.  We didn't do anything there and moved over to near the cages where I picked up one after 5 minutes on the cat booby.  I picked up another about 5 minutes later on a diawl bach.  We kept repeating the drift and about the third time down I had a double shooter but lost one of them.
We moved over to the middle and I picked up one straight away on the diawl bach. From there we back to The Gabions where I cast to a jumping fish and locked up on the cat booby for my fifth.
Stuart McLean
9th Overall

I was drawn with John Pearn of England.  I lost the toss and John took me to the area where the blue boat was moored for a drift over to the monkey pole shore.

I set up with a pseudo cat, diawl bach and a mini biscuit booby.  John picked up a fish about halfway through our drifts there but I didn't get a fish in those first two hours.

At noon we moved to the dam and drifted to the left of the resmix.  Straight away I got one on the pseudo cat.  Ten minutes later I picked up my second.  We spent the rest of the day drifting out from the dam wall about as far as the resmix.  
I picked up steadily throughout the afternoon with my other three fish coming from that area. I had switched to a floater and I got the last of those three about 5.4pm.

Neil Anderson
10th Overall

I was drawn with Robbie Marshall of Ireland.  We agreed where to go and I set up with a pseudo cat and hoppers on a Rio midge tip.

We started off at the blue boat drifting towards the monkey pole shore and we had one chance each there.  I picked up my first around 11.30am about 100 yards from the shore on a hopper.  We repeated the drift and I picked up another 2. We worked that area for most of the day and I dropped one.

Around 5.15pm we moved over to The Gabions and we both picked up a fish with 15 minutes to go.
Team Scotland - Gold Medal Winners Autumn International Llandegfedd 2016
top row: John Behan(IFFA President),  Grant Sutherland,  Derek Purves,  John Buchanan,  Stuart McLean,  Peter Auchterlonie,  Stuart Marklow,  Graeme Lynch,  Neil Anderson,  Gus Shepherd(Manager),  Ian Campbell(IFFA Secretary)
front row: George Mackenzie(International Secretary),  Alan Gilbert,  Campbell Morgan(Captain),  Ronnie Gilbert,  Gary Ormiston,  Ben Robertson,  Mick Thomson

 Scottish Individual Positions 
 Autumn International 2016
3rdStuart MarklowLoanhead & District AC6113.75
4thAlan GilbertSPRAA FFS West61014.25
7thDerek PurvesBank of Scotland East AC596.00
9thStuart McLeanEast Kilbride AC5710.25
10thNeil AndersonMonikie AC468.50
20thCampbell Morgan (captain)Strathleven FF3311.50
 21stPeter AuchterlonieMenteith Ospreys2310.75
31stGrant Sutherland
Perth RASC1115.75
    38th=Mick ThomsonButcher Boy AC117.75
43rdBen RobertsonWest Lothian FD115.50
46th=Ronnie GilbertMenteith Ospreys113.50
49th=John BuchananNewton Mearns FF0

Graeme LynchBeith St Inans AC0

Gary OrmistonShell Mossmorran AC0

Campbell Morgan (Captain)

Club:   Strathleven FF
Pevious Caps:   6

Neil Anderson

Club:   Monikie AC
Peter Auchterlonie
Club:   Menteith Ospreys
Previous Caps:   14
National Champion 2010;  Brown Bowl 1999 and 2013; Phoenix Silver Salver 1999, 2013 and 2014. Gold medal in all four home countries
John Buchanan
Club:   Newton Mearns FF
Previous Caps:   13
Brown Bowl 2000 and 2012.  Phoenix Silver Salver 2000 an 2012.  Gold medal in all four home countries.

Alan Gilbert

Club:   SPRA FFS West
Pevious Caps:   1
Ronnie Gilbert

Club:   Menteith Ospreys
Previous Caps:   6
National Champion 2008 and 2014

Graeme Lynch

Club:   Beith St Inans AC
Stuart Marklow

Club:   Loanhead & District AC
National Champion 2015
Stuart McLean

Club:   East Kilbride AC
Pevious Caps:   1

Gary Ormiston

Club:  Shell Mossmorran AC

Derek Purves

Club:   Bank of Scotland East AC
Previous Caps:   3
Brown Bowl 2015.  Phoenix Silver Salver 2015

Ben Robertson

Club:  West Lothian FD
Grant Sutherland

Club:   Perth RASC
Previous Caps:   1
Michael Thomson

Club:  Butcher Boy AC

Previous Caps:  2
Manager - Gus Shepherd

Club:   Saltire FF
Caps:   4 - Phoenix Silver Salver 2006
Gold Medal 2015 Spring International; Gold Medal 2015 Autumn International

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