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autumn 2018

Loch Internationals
Autumn International
Llyn Brenig,  Wales
7th September 2018

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Autumn International - Llyn Brenig, Wales
7th September 2018

It was with a mix of trepidation and anticipation that Team Scotland set off for Wales on Monday 3rd September for the Autumn International.  Llyn Brenig had been a good venue for Scotland's teams but with disappointing results at the last two internationals it was hard to be confident.  However Team Manager, Derek Keenan, put those two disappointing results to bed as he guided his team through the practice days to set the scene for a gold medal on match day.

It had been bright for the practice days on Tuesday and Wednesday with a good breeze from the northwest.  The anglers had good cloud cover on the Thursday but with the cloud came rain and a bitterly cold wind which was gradually switching to the west.  On match day it stayed dry with a mix of cloud and sun accompanied by a chilly west wind.
The match was fished to a three fish kill followed by catch and release.  2lbs were awarded for each returned trout and competitors had to either debabrb or use barbless hooks on catch and release.  Any brown trout caught were to be returned.

At the end of the session England was first to he scales and recorded 65 fish for 134lbs 13.5ozs which would eventually put them in third place.   Ireland went next and recorded 51 fish for 107lbs 10.375ozs which put them in fourth place.  Scotland went next and their 79 fish for 164lbs 15.375 was enough to secure the gold medal.  Wales were last to the scales and their 70 fish for 144lbs 8.125ozs put them second.

Top individual rod was Grant Osler of Scotland with 11 trout for 22lbs 14.125ozs.  England's top rod was Tom Davis with 9 trout for 17lbs 12.375ozs.  Top rod for Ireland was Darren Maguire with 7 trout for 14lbs 13.875ozs and top rod fo Wales was Paul Sharman with 8 trout for 15lbs 15.75ozs.

The heaviest trout of the match went to the scales at 3lbs 7.75ozs and was caught by Terry Lewelyn of Wales.

Grant Osler with the
Brown Bowl and Silver Salver
This was an outstanding performance by Scotland with good solid results from all team members.  Five of the Scottish team were in the top ten individuals with Gant Osler 1st with 11 trout; Stuart McLean 2nd with 9 trout; Ronnie Gilbert 4th with 8 trout; Derek Hessett 7th with 7 trout and Martin McCafferty 10th with 7 trout.  Another two team members made it into the top 20 with Chris Harkess 13th with 6 trout and Chris McAllister 19th with 6 trout.  Wales had six of their team in the top twenty,  England had five and Ireland had two.
Autumn International
Llyn Brenig, Wales
7th September 2018
7916415 3/8
2ndWales701448 1/8
3rdEngland6513413 1/2
4thIreland5110710 3/8
Grant Osler
1st:  11 fish

I was drawn with Andrew Banner of Wales and won the toss.  I took the boat to the point at the osprey pole to drift out over the open water and set up with a two tone fab, flashback diawl bach and an apricot booby on a slow glass.  

Andrew had set up with a 5 sweep and took the first fish. He also took the second one to go 2 - 0 up.  It then went 2 - 1, 3 - 1, 4 - 1 then 4 - 2.  About 1pm we we moved to the point at the Sailing Club and I changed to dries with a black and red hopper, a scruffy and a hares ear shuttlecock.

We drifted from the point area out over open water and I picked up fish steadily until 5.15pm  I had four on hoppers and five on the shuttlecock and finished with eleven.
Grant at the weigh-in
Stuart McLean
2nd - 9 fish

I was drawn with Stuart Pickard of Wales and I won the toss.  At the off I saw that there were only half a dozen boats holding back to fish the cages area and I opted to start there.  I set up with two candies on a slow glass.

Stuart McLean

The boats were all picking away at fish and in the first hour I picked up two and my boat partner had one.  It slowed down fairly quickly there and about noon we set off to go to the area around the osprey pole.  As we passed Sailing Club Bay we saw Ronnie Gilbert taking a fish so we pulled round and set up behind him.  We did a few drifts there and I picked up another two and Stuart got one.

From there we went to the point at Brenig Arm/Northern Arm and drifted out over open water.  I picked up one straight away but then went a long spell with nothing.  We went back to the jetty at the Sailing Club but didn't do anything there either so we we went back to the open water where I got four very quickly on the candies.  I had my last fish about 5.35pm and finished nine and my boat partnet finished with 7.
Ronnie Gilbert
4th - 8 fish

I was drawn with Dennis Goulding, captain of the Ireland Team.  I won the toss and opted to go to the Quarry where I set up with fabs, diawl bach and bibio hopper on a 3ft midge tip.
Dennis got the first fish.  I picked up one and about 11.15am we moved over to the Sailing Club.

I picked up three in the Sailing Club and when I saw Scottish rods I waved at them to come in there.  We stayed there the rest of the day and I picked up another three.  I tried a 12ft tip and dries as well and picked up one on the dries.  I finished with eight and Dennis had five and dropped a few.
Ronnie Gilbert
Derek Hessett
7th - 7 Fish

I was drawn with Gareth Evans of Wales and having lost the toss I was taken to the open water at the osprey pole.  I set up with a candy and a ga cat on a slow glass.  Gareth set up with a 5 sweep and boobies.

Derek Hessett
I got my first fish on my second cast and then went on to drop five on that first drift.  Between then and 1pm I took one more fish and although I had offers I couldn't hook them.  We stayed in the same area and I changed to dries and picked up two straight away. From there we went to the Sailing Club and I picked up another one.  We returned to the osprey pole where I picked up my last two fish.  I finished with 7 and Gareth had 6.
Martin McCafferty
10th - 7 Fish

I was drawn with Terry Llewelyn of Wales.  Terry won the toss and we went to the cages area where I set up with a ga cat and a candy on a slow glass.  I rose a fish on my first cast and 10 minutes later I had my first fish in the boat.  By 1pm I had six in the boat and about 2pm we moved to the Sailing Club where I changed to dries and and took one straight away.  
photo: Martin McCafferty
We moved to the osprey pole about 3.30pm.  I had been in front for most of the day and was 7 - 5 up but Terry picked up another two and we finished with 7 each.
Autumn International - Llyn Brenig Wales, 7th September 2018
Scottish Team Positions
1stGrant OslerFuture FF112214.125
2ndStuart McLeanEast Kilbride AC9184.25
4thRonnie GilbertMenteith Ospreys8165
7thDerek HessettGateside Flycasters71415.25
10thMartin McCaffertyFuture FF7147.25
13thChris HarkessPhoenix FF61214.625
19thChris McAllisterRaemoir Trout FF61110
25thKevin AndrewsAyr Travellers FF5914.75
32ndJock KettlesChange FF AC4813.5
33rd=Scott ReithArbroath AC4812.875
40thDerek PozziThalassa AC482.875
41stAlan HillSPRA FFS West378.875
48thRay Anderson (captain)Leslie & Glenrothes AC361.625
50thAlan GilbertSPRA FFS West242.375
2018 Autumn International Team

Back Row - Clive Collier (IFFA President),  Derek Keenan (manager),  Martin McCafferty,  Chris McAllister,  Ronnie Gilbert,  Jock Kettles,  Derek Pozzi,  Scott Reith,  Grant Osler,  Alan Hill and Ian Campbell (IFFA Secretary)
Front Row - Chris Harkess,  Kevin Andrews,  Stuart McLean,  Ray Anderson (Captain),  Derek Hessett and Alan Gilbert

Ray Anderson  -  Captain

Club:  Leslie & Glenrothes AC
Previous Caps:  7
Brown Bowl Autumn 2013, Phoenix Silver Salver Autumn 2013 and Autumn 2017

Kevin Andrews

Club:  Ayr Travellers FF

Alan Gilbert

Club:  SPRA FFS West
Previous Caps:  3

Ronnie Gilbert

Club:  Menteith Ospreys
Previous Caps:  8
Scottish National Champion 2008 and 2014

Chris Harkess

Club:  Phoenix FF

Derek Hessett

Club:  Gateside Flycasters

Alan Hill

Club:  SPRA FFS West
Pevious Caps:  3

Jock Kettles

Change FF AC
Previous Caps:  14
Phoenix Silver Salver Autumn 2004 and Spring 2009

Chris McAllister

Club:  Raemoir TF
Previous Caps:  2

Martin McCafferty

Club:  Future FF

Stuart McLean

Club:  East Kilbride AC
Previous Caps:  3
Phoenix Silver Salver Spring 2017

Grant Osler

Club:  Future FF

Derek Pozzi

Club:  Thalassa AC
Pevious Caps:  3

Scott Reith

Club:  Arbroath AC
Previous Caps:  1

Manager - Derek Keenan

Club:  IBM Freshwater AC
Pevious Caps:  1
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