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2022 Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship
Mick Tait Plumbing

Anglers Creel
Llyn Clywedog Trout Fishery

International Loch Teams:

7plus7 Construction, the Lake of Menteith Fishery, Fishers, Angus Angling and Seaguar are the main sponsors of the Spring and Autumn International Teams that have been carried forward from 2020 to 2022.  7plus7 Construction and Fishers have provided support for the teams since 2011 and this is the twelth year that the Lake of Menteith has sponsored the teams. They are joined in 2020/2022 by Advance Construction, Howdens Joinery, Jewsons, St Andrews Timber & Building Supplies, Magnet Trade, McKenzie Skip Hire, Rydens and Stevenswood Trade Centre. Their websites can be viewed by clicking on their logo. We are grateful to them for their continued support. The funding provided by them will be used to reduce the costs that would otherwise have to be paid by the individual team members.

The Fishers website can be viewed at www.fishersdirect.com
The Lake of Menteith website can be viewed at www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk
The 7plus7 Construction website can be viewed at www.7plus7.co.uk
Angus Angling's website can be viewed at www.angusangling.com
Seaguars website can be viewed at www.seaguar.com

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship

The National is sponsored by Ridgeline Uk, 7plu7 Construction and R & E Hygiene

Scottish Club Championship and the Champion of Champions

The Scottish Club Championshop and the Champion of Champions is sponsored by the Lake of Menteith, Snowbee, My Fishing Flies, Hope Embroidery,  Glencairn Crystal, Life Technologies and Angus Angling
Fly Box Raffle by the 2022 International Spring Team

The international team that represented Scotland at the Spring International at Lough Melvin in June 2022 prepared a presentation box of flies that was raffled during the National heats.  The draw for the box was done at the last of the heats and was won by Jim Youngman of Ellem FFC.  The raffle raised £394 and the Spring Team wish to thank all of the competitors who took part in the raffle.  A presentation box of flies prepared by the Autumn team going to Trawsfynydd is also being raffled during the semi-finals and the final.
Jim Youngman with the box of flies raffled on behalf of the 2022 Spring Team

Two fundraisers have been organised starting with Parkview on 12th February and followed by Loch Insch on 6th March.  Pegs have been sponsored by Mick Tait Plumbing, Modus, R & E Hygiene, George Charters Painters & Decorators, Andrew Barrowman Heating Services,  Clockwork Gas Services,  Ekmot Ltd,  GP Properties, Ek Blinds & Shutters and Harelaw Trout Fishery .  Prizes have been provided by Fishers,  Angus Angling,  Comp Candy Flies,  Flybox,  The Fly Shop,  FNF Fly Fishing,  Scierra Fly Fishing, Fario Flies, Loch Insch Fishery and Airflo.  The loch teams wish to thank everyone who provided prizes or sponsored a peg or attended a fundraiser.  Your support is appreciated.
International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup
Loch Insch - 6th March 2022

72 anglers turned out at Loch Insch on 6th March for the 2022 International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup and in a glorious sunny day they netted 467 fish.  The teams wish to thank everyone who took part and the fishery management for producing quality fishing on the day.  They also wish to thank everyone who donated prizes (and cakes) and bought raffle tickets.  

Top rod and winner of the 2022 International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup was Kevin Neri with 16 fish.  Kevin took his first fish fish at 9.47am and just pipped Neil Scowen who also had 16 with his first at 10.22am.  In third place with 15 fish was Andrew Barrowman with his first at 9.46am closely followed by Ryan Taylor also on 15 but with his first at 9.47am.  Brian Mackenzie, also with 15 fish, was third.
Top rod and winner of the 2022 Loch Team Fundraiser Cup - Kevin Neri reeiving the trophy from Autumn Team captain Jock Kettles
2nd place - Neil Scowen
3rd Andrew Barrowman
4th Ryan Taylor
5th Brian Mackenaie
Parkview Fishery Fundraiser
12th February 2022

When Parkview Fishery host our fundraiser each year you know that spring is just around the corner and that the new season isn't far away.  Jim and Edna provided a welcoming bacon roll and a facility for friends to meet up again before sorting out tackle from bags that probably hadn't seen the light of day for many months.  The day got off to a chilly start but other than intermittent squally showers conditions were pretty good and the fish were willing to show themselves with the twenty one competitors recording a catch of 132 fish.  First fish of the day fell to Glen Lamont who managed to net it before some had put a line on the water.

Pies and sandwiches were provided for lunch by Jim and Edna and competitors had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets with a chance to get one or two winning tickets for a tablefull of prizes. The teams wish to thank Wullie Simpson for organising this event with the fishery on our behalf; Jim, Edna and Wullie at Parkview, and our own Jock Kettles (the prizemaster),  Peter Auchterlonie, Andy Dunn and Ian Wilson who assisted on the day.

Top rod on the day was Brian Mackenzie who had 18 fish which was 4 clear of second placed Michael Low who had 14.  Brian, who is captain of the autumn team that will be going to Wales, has an amazing record at the fundraisers having also been a winner in 2016, 2019 and 2020.  Third place had to go to a time check with the spot going to Kenny Gray with his 13 fish.  Rab Maxwell was fourth with his 13 fish and Ronnie Gilbert was fifth with 9.
Brian Mackenzie - Top Rod
Second Place - Michael Low
Third Place - Kenny Gray
Fourth Place - Rab Maxwell
Fifth Place - Ronnie Gilbert
First Fish - Glen
Smallest Fish - Byran
Parkview Fishery
12th February 2022
1Brian Mackenzie18
2Mike Low14
3Kenny Gray13
4Rab Maxwell13
5Ronnie Gilbert9
6Jock Kettles9
7Stewart Barclay8
8Stevie Anderson7
8Derek Purves7
10Duncan Gray6
11Paul Watt5
12Greig Davie4
14Glen Lamont3

Derek Sibson2

Eck Moffat2

Byran Yip Meon Wik2


Neill Barrett2

Mark Watt1

Sean Willowby1
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