2019 Scottish Club Championship - SANACC

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2019 Scottish Club Championship

Scottish Club Championship
2019 Scottish Club Championship
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Scottish Club Champonship - Charity Collections

At each round of the Scottish Club Championship and Champion of Champions the competitors are asked to donate £1 for charity and at the presentation dinners raffles are held and many teams also donate their prize cheques.  On Tuesday 2nd April 2019 Dennis Splaine, Alex Galloway and Paul Barr of the Scottish Club Championship Committee called at Yorkhill where they handed over a cheque for £7,264 to Aileen McConnell, Community Campaigns Manager for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.
Paul Barr, Dennis Splaine and Alex Galloway with Aileen McConnell
Heat 13 of the Scottish Club Championship which was scheduled for 27th July 2019 has been cancelled due to the low number of teams wishing to enter that date.  As there are now 12 heats instead of the normal 13 the following criteria will be used to determine qualification from the heats to the semis and from the heats to the Champion of Champions.

Selection of semi final placings when heats have been cancelled
In the event that heats are cancelled, the following procedure will be applied to determine which teams will qualify for the semi finals;
(a)     The first three teams in each heat will qualify as normal
 (b)     The remaining teams will be selected from heats that have the most teams competing as follows;
 (c)       The fourth placed team in the heat that has the most teams competing will qualify, and this approach will apply successively downwards to other heats   until all vacant places are filled.
(d)      If there are two or more heats with the same number of teams then a ballot of the fourth placed teams will be held from amongst that group to select the   semi final placings
Note that where one or more heats have been cancelled, the previous wild card ballot procedure, which topped up the qualifying teams to 20 in total, will not apply and all the remaining teams qualifying for the semis will be selected using the above procedure.
Selection of final placings when heats have been cancelled
The first five in each heat will qualify.  The sixth placed angler in the heats with the most teams competing will qualify for the final. The selection process will be the same as applied to the selection of teams going forward to the SCC semi finals in similar circumstances i.e. the approach will apply successively downwards until vacant places are filled.
2019 Scottish Club Championship

Heat 1 4th May

Avonbank FC  "A"
Blackloch AC  "A"
Bridge of Weir Loch AC  "A"
Dunfermline Rusty Nail  "A"
East Kilbride AC  "A"
Glenburn AC  "A"
Heatherfly Fishers  "A"
Heriot AC  "A"
Monifieth Trout AC  "A"
Rowbank AC  "A"
Stirling Castle AC  "A"
Tartan Tyers  "A"

Heat 2  11th May

Ayr Travellers  "A"
Bothwell & Blantyre AC  "B"
Gateside FC  "A"
Kelso AA  "A"
Kilmallie AC  "A"
Largs & District AC  "A"
Munnoch AC  "A"
Rainbow Warriors  "A"
Sharp Gentles FTC  "B"
St Mungo AC  "A"
Strathgryfe AA  "A"

Heat 3  18th May

Alba Orvis FF  "A"
Black Bull FFC  "A"
Buckshead AC  "A"
Butcher Boy AC  "A"
Dalbeattie AA  "A"
Dumfries & Galloway Police AC  "A"
Dunoon & District AC "A"
Earlston  AA  "A"
Falkirk Municipal AC  "A"
Future FF  "A"
Renton FF  "A"

Heat 4  25th May

Aberdour AA  "A"
Bothwell & Blantyre AC  "A"
Dunoon & District AC  "B"
Firecats AC  "A"
Flybox  "A"
Heriot AC  "A"
Kilbirnie AC  "A"
Kinross AC  "A"
Priory AC  "A"
Sharp Gentles FTC  "A"
SPRA FFS East  "A"

Heat 5  1st June

Central Belters FF  "A"
Ferry FF  "A"
Grimm Anglers AC  "A"
Kilmarnock AC  "A"
Kinross AC  "B"
Lintrathen FF  "A"
Renton FF  "B"
Select FF  "A"
Stirling Castle AC  "B"
Strathy AC  "A"
West Lothian FD  "A"

Heat 6  8th June

Ardrossan Eglinton AC   "A"
Beith St Inans AC  "A"
Blackloch AC  "B"
Brechin AC  "A"
Caley Liners FF  "A"
Dalzell AC  "A"
Neilston FF  "A"
Port Glasgow AC  "A"
Saltire FF  "A"
Soldier Palmers AC  "A"

Heat 7  15th June

Balbeggie AC  "A"
Balfron Piscatorials  "A"
Barrhead AC  "A"
Ben Wyvis FFC  "A"
Bridge of Allan 76 AC  "A"
Grizzlecats  "B"
Lintrathen FF  "B"
Pentland CS AC  "A"
Soldier Palmers AC  "B"
SPRA West  "A"
West Lothian FD  "B"

Heat 8  22nd June

Ardrossan Eglinton AC  "B"
Bridge of Allan 76 AC "B"
Bridge of Weir Loch AC  "B"
Caley Liners FF  "B"
Dumfries & Galloway AC  "B"
Dunfermline Railway AC  "A"
Perth RASC  "A"
RAF Fish Hawks  "A"
SPRA FFS East  "B"

Heat 9  29th June

Aberdeen & District AA  "A"
Aberdour AA  "B"
Avonbank FC  "B"
Brechin AC  "B"
Caurnie AC  "A"
Cupar AC  "A"
Drumbowie FF  "A"
East Kilbride AC  "B"
Falkirk Municipal AC  "B"
Flybox  "B"
Neilston FF  "B"
Port Glasgow AC  "B"
Rothes Oak AC  "A"

Heat 10  6th July

Aberdour AA  "B"
Gartmore AC  "B"
Grizzlecats  "A"
Kelso AA  "B"
Lochinch AC  "A"
Monifieth Trout AC  "B"
Newton Stewart & District AA  "A"
RAF Fish Hawks  "B"
Ruthven FF  "A"
SPRA West  "B"
Tartan Tyers  "B"

Heat 11  13th July

Balbeggie AC  "B"
Hawick AC  "A"
Kelvinside Academicals AC  "A"
Kahts Whiskers AC  "A"
Largs & District AC  "B"
Newtyle & Meigle AC  "A"
NRC Angling Club  "A"
Pitlochry AC  "A"
Port Ellen AC  "A"
St Boswells Newtown & District AA  "A"

Heat 12  20th July

Ayr Travellers  "B"
Butcher Boy AC  "B"
Costa Ecosse  "A"
Future FF  "B"
Gartmore AC  "A"
Glenburn AC  "B"
Kahts Whiskers AC  "B"
Leslie & Glenrothes AC  "A"
Port Ellen AC  "B"
Townhill AC  "A"
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