2019 River International - SANACC

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2019 River International

River Internationals
2019 River International
Friday 5th July 2019
River Agivey

Scotland Team

Mike Cordiner

Club:  Aberdeen & District AA
Pevious Caps:  5
Scott Hamilton

Club:  Tweed Valley Tanglers
Previous Caps:  1
Alan Hill

Club:  SPRA FS West
Previous Caps:  2
Moc Morgan Trophy 2017

James Litster

Club:  Neilston FF
Dick Logan

Club: Coldstream & District AC
Previous Caps:  14
Mark Straughen (Reserve)

Club:  Coldstream & District AC
Previous Caps:  2

Richard McHattie (Manager)

Club:  Ormiston AC
Previous Caps:  4
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