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2021 Scottish Club Championship

Scottish Club Championship
2021 Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by
The Lake of Menteith
My Fishing Flies
Glencairn Crystal
Hope Embroidery

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by The Lake Of Menteith, Snowbee, Hope Embroidery,  Glencairn Crystal and My Fishing Flies
Heat 5 - 19th June 2021

It was a hard night at Menteith for heat 5 of the Scottish Clubs with the 11 teams netting 67 fish.  Top team was Tweed Valley Tanglers "A" represented by Keith Renton (4 fish),  Dave Wright (3 fish) and Billy Braithwaite (6 fish).  The heaviest fish of the night weighed 3lb 6.4oz and was caught by Keir Hardie of Bridge of Allan 76 AC "A".

Semi-Final on 13th August
1st:   Tweed Valley Tanglers "A" with 13 fish
2nd:   Johnstone FF "A" with 11 fish
3rd:   Cupar AC  "A" with 10 fish
4th:   Bridge of Allan 76 AC  "A" with 6 fish

Champion of Champions
1.  Michael Ward of Johnstone FF "A" with 8 fish
2.  Charlie Wilkinson of Cupar AC  "A" with 6 fish
3.  Billy Braithwaite of Tweed Valley Tanglers "A" with 6 fish
4.  Keith Renton of Tweed Valley Tanglers "A" with 4 fish
5.  Keir Hardie of Bridge of Allan 76 AC "A" with 3 fish
6.  John Tullett of Kilmarnock FF "A" with 4 fish
Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by The Lake Of Menteith, Snowbee, Hope Embroidery,  Glencairn Crystal and My Fishing Flies
Heat 4 - 12th June 2021

Ten teams took part in the fourth heat of the Scottish Club Championship with the top four going through to the semi-finals and the top six individuals going through to the Champion of Champions.  The top team on the night was the Saltire FF  "A" team  of Alan Gilbert (6 fish),  Peter Edge (7 fish)  and Colin Macdonald (10 fish).  The top individual was Jim Hay of Dunfermline Railway AC  "A" with 11 fish for 22lb 6.4oz.  The heaviest fish was caught by Dan Brown of Earlston  AA  "A" and weighed 3lb 13.8oz.

Semi-Final on 13th August
1st:   Saltire FF  "A" with 23 fish
2nd:  East Kilbride AC  "B" with 20 fish
3rd:  Dunfermline Railway AC  "A" with 19 fish
4th:  Aberdour AA  "A"  with 11 fish.

Champion of Champions
1.  Jim Hay - Dunfermline Railway AC  "A" - 11 fish
2.  Stephen Japp - East Kilbride AC  "B" -11 fish
3.  Colin Macdonald - Saltire FF "A" - 10 fish
4.  Marcus Smith -  NCR AC  "A" - 8 fish
5.  Chris Tamburrini - East Kilbride AC  "B" - 8 fish
6.  Peter Edge - Saltire FF "A" - 7 fish
Scottish Club Championship Heat 4 winners
Saltire FF "A"
Alan Gilbert, Peter Edge and Colin Macdonald
Scottish Club Championship Heat 3 Winners
Lochend FF "B"
Mark McNaughton, Wullie Munn and Graeme Lynch
Albacats FF "A" Heat 2 winners
Gregor Fleming, Stephen Welsh and Calum Crosbie
Gateside Flycasters "A" Heat 1 winners
Stewart Barclay, Brad Chalmers and Neill Barrett
COVID – Procedure For The Scottish Club Championship
To minimise the risk of spreading this virus, particularly indoors, the following measures will be in place for the 2021 Scottish Club Championship:-
1)      Details of the three team members to include names, email address and mobile numbers (landline number if someone doesn’t have a mobile) to be emailed to Tom MacTaggart at tom.mactaggart@btinternet.com as soon as possible and at the latest two weeks before the team is scheduled to compete.  Please nominate one of the team as the team captain and contact point.  If you do not have access to email then pass the details by telephone to 07708019487.  Late changes to team members can be made on the night if it hasn’t been practical to do so beforehand.
2)      Face masks should be worn by competitors when they are in indoor areas.
3)      Registration:  On the night of the heat the team captain should register the team in the lodge as normal and give details of any team changes.  The team captain will be given a time check, the team’s fly  measures, boat numbers and catch returns which should be given by them to their team.  Only the team captain should go to the lodge to register while the other two team members remain in the car park.  It would be appreciated if each team member brought their own pen.  
4)      The briefing notes and competition rules are on the Scottish Club Championship page of the SANACC website and a copy of these will be sent to club secretaries by email.  Please ensure that your team members are made aware of the content of the briefing note and rules.
5)      Once both anglers are in their boat the boat should move off from beach but remain within the two piers until the signal is given for the competition to start.
6)      Each evening heat will start at 6pm and the finish time will be notified at registration.  
7)      On return to the beach at the end of the session it may be necessary to hold some boats back from beaching to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.
8)      Weigh-In:   The weigh-in will be held in the hall as usual.  Boat partners must accompany each other to the weigh-in.  Queue from the beach side with social distancing.  Only one boat pair will be allowed in the hall at a time and there will be a one way system through the hall.  Each competitor should put his fish on the drainer;  lift the fish from there onto the weighing dish and remove them after being weighed.  Both boat partners to remain at the weigh-in until both have weighed in.
9)      Announcing result:   The result will be announced outside in the car park with social distancing (weather permitting).   
Scottish Club Championship
Briefing Notes
Welcome to the Scottish Club Championship.
The Championship is sponsored by the Lake of Menteith, Snowbee, Hope Embroidery, Glencairn Crystal and My Fishing Flies and we wish to convey our thanks to them.
This competition is fished to the SANACC match rules with the following exceptions:-  The fly size is overall length 1 & 1/8th of an inch and the hook must not exceed 3/4 of an inch.  Please use the fly measures that have been provided.
Life jackets are mandatory and are provided by the fishery.  Drogues are permitted and are fitted to each boat.  Thwarts boards across the gunnels is permitted as is sitting on tackle boxes.  Eye protection is recommended. In the event of thunder or lightning all competitors must leave the water immediately and must not return to the water until 30 minutes after the last electrical activity.
Standing to fish is not permitted although you may stand to stretch your legs or play a fish.  Metal braided leaders, shooting-head lines, beaded flies, light emitting flies and trolling is not permitted.
The catch limit is 2 fish after which you fish catch and release with all properly netted fish being recorded on the card.  You must debarb or fish barbless when you are on catch and release.  Double hooks are not permitted on catch and release.  Boobies are OK.  
The start time is 6pm and the finish time will be announced on the night.  The start and finish area is between the two piers and a late return will result in disqualification.
Your fishing tackle and methods will be examined and fly sizes checked.  Please listen to instructions from the approaching adjudicators.  Flies should be checked against the measure prior to fishing, after catching a fish and when changing flies.  Any disqualification affects the whole team.
We are pleased you are competing in this competition but ask that fishing is carried out in the manner and traditions of our sport.  Give other boats plenty of room, cut down engine speed when passing or returning through drifting boats.  The rules are made to ensure the competition is fair to everyone.  
SANACC Scottish Club Championship & Champion of Champions Rules
SECTION A  -  Fishing Rules
1)            Fishing shall be carried out respecting the spirit and traditions of Game Angling.
2)            Matches shall be fished with artificial fly only.  Tandem flies shall not be permitted.  No flies shall be artificially weighted.  Not more than four flies shall be mounted on a cast and flies must be at least 20 inches apart
3)            A fly shall comply with the following specification.  The hook shall be single or double, provided that in the case of a double hook, the angle between the bends does not exceed 90 degrees and when viewed from the side, the bends lie one behind the other.  Fly irons will measure not more than three quarters of an inch overall, including the eye.  The overall length of the fly shall not exceed one and one eighth of an inch.  Fly dressings may include beads provided these beads are buoyant.  Attractor chemicals and the use of light emitters to flies are debarred.
4)            When fishing on catch and release all hooks must be either barbless or debarbed.  Double hooks are not permitted on catch and release.
5)            Lines, casts and leaders shall not be additionally weighted. Shooting heads, metal core  lines and metal core braided leaders are debarred.
6)            One rod, not exceeding 12 feet in length, to be used by each competitor, but each competitor will be entitled to have in the boat with him a spare rod (length as before) – both rods, however, not to be mounted at the same time.  A rod is considered to be mounted if any two sections are joined or if a reel or line is attached.
7a)    A drogue is permitted provided that the size does not exceed 25sq feet and it is set in a    manner whereby it is no more than 15 feet behind the boat and the boat drifts square to the wind.  It may be fitted with functional metal fittings such as rings and swivels and have a ‘G’ clamp attachment at the boat.  The use of the drogue is at the discretion of the person in charge of the boat.  It must be pulled in when the boat is moving and must be collapsed when officials approach the boat to examine flies.
7b)    The anchoring of boats when fishing, is prohibited. Boats must be allowed to drift freely when fishing, and not to be held on the oars in such a manner as to gain an unfair advantage over either angler in the boat or over any other angler.
7c)    Boat seats, thwart boards and the use of tackle boxes as seats are permitted provided the height of the “seat” is not more than 5 inches above the gunwale.
7d)    During a match, no boat may encroach within a distance of one hundred yards in front of another boat from which competitors are fishing, nor disturb the water in front of or around any such boat by the indiscriminate use of the motor.
7e)    Electronic aids, e.g Fish Finders, Echo Sounders etc. are debarred during the match.
7f)     It is strongly recommended as a safety measure that each boat has a mobile phone which is kept switched on.  The phone is only to be used to contact the emergency number for help in the event of a serious situation or breakdown developing and to receive safety calls from the event organiser.
8a)    A competitor’s rod when working flies or retrieving casts must be hand held and must be above water level.  Competitors must not stand in the boat when casting or retrieving line.  Competitors may stand when playing a fish.
8b)    Trolling of flies behind the boat is not permitted whether the boat is drifting or being driven by motor or oars.   Side casting is permitted but the flies must not be allowed to trail behind the boat.  When drifting it is permissible to cover a rising fish behind the boat.
8c)     The command of the boat will change ends every two hours.  Competitors shall change ends every two hours or as may be mutually agreed.
9)        Competitors are required to wear buoyancy aids whilst in a boat.
1)       Boats shall be allocated by ballot.  Mixed pairings will apply.
2a)     Match results will be decided by the weight of the fish – the higher weight taking the higher placing.  In the event of equality in weights, the greater number of trout will take precedence over the fewer.  In the event of a tie in weight and numbers of trout any trophies will be held over an equal period.
2b)    The same conditions apply in respect of the individual awards except that in the event of a tie, by weight or numbers, the tying competitors will hold the trophy for an equal period of time.  Where a replica is involved each tying competitor will receive such replica.
3)       Sweepstakes among the competitors are not permitted.
4)       Subject to any direction of the Association, any Match shall be fished under the rules of the governing body of the water on which the Match is fished insofar as these are compatible with the rules of the Association.  For every Match, the Association shall fix the hours of fishing.  The minimum size and species of fish which may be weighed in and the starting and finishing point will be decided by the Host organisation.
5)       Competitors shall not fish from the bank and shall return to the fishing point in the boat in which they set out, except in the event of damage to a boat or oar, failure of motor, or being overtaken by storm, when they may return  by other means, but the circumstances shall be reported on return to the secretary who shall deal with the report as if it was a complaint made under rule 8 below.
6)       All competitors shall present their fish at the weighing point immediately after the closing hour of fishing.  Nil returns are required.  Any competitor not reporting to the official weigher within 15 minutes of the end of the Match will be deemed to be clean.
7)       The Committee shall be responsible for the running of the Competition and it is their intention that the Rules shall be strictly enforced.  The Committee reserve the right to disqualify any offending Angler or Club for such a period as shall be determined.
8)       The weigh-in shall be conducted by the Committee. Any complaint arising in the course of the Competition must be notified within 15 minutes of the end of the Competition to the official in charge, whose decision shall be final and binding.
N.B. Competitors are strongly advised to wear eye protectors when either travelling in or fishing from boats.
SANACC Committee
Heat 1 – 22nd May

Alba Cats FF  “B”
Ardossan Eglinton AC  “A”
Ardrossan Eglinton AC  “B”
Dalry Garnock AC  “A”
East Kilbride AC  “A”
Firecats AC  “A”
Gateside Flycasters  “A”
Grimm Anglers  “A”
SPRA FFS East  “A”
SPRA FFS West  “B”
St Mungo AC  “A”
Heat 2 – 29th May

Alba Cats FF  “A”
Balbeggie AC  “A”
Grimm Anglers  “B”
Heriot AC  “A”
Kaht’s Whiskers AC  “A”
Lochend FF  “A”
Lochgilphead & District AC  “A”
Perth RASC AC  “A”
Priory AC  “A”
RAF Fish Hawks  “A”
Soldier Palmers  “B”

Heat 3  -  5th June
Blackbull FC  “A”
Bridge of Weir Loch AC  “A”
Central Belters FF  “A”
Dalbeattie AA  “A”
Drumbowie FF  “A”
Grizzlecats  “A”
Kinross AC  “A”
Lochend FF  “B”
Newton Stewart & District AA  “A”
Newtyle & Meigle AC  “A”
Team Flybox  "A"

Heat 4 – 12th June
Aberdour AA  “A”
Balbeggie AC  “B”
Brechin AC  “B”
Caurnie AC  “A”
Dunfermline Railway AC  “A”
Earlston AA  “A”
East Kilbride AC  “B”
Hawick AC  "A"
Saltire FF  “A”
Tartan Tyers  "B"

Heat 5 – 19th June
Bothwell & Blantyre AC  “A”
Bridge Of Allan 76 AC  “A”
Caley Liners FF  “B”
Cupar AC  “A”
Dunoon & District AC  “A”
Johnstone FF  “A”
Kilmarnock FF  “A”
Soldier Palmers  “A”
SPRA FFS West  “A”
Tartan Tyers  "B"
Tweed Valley Tanglers  "A"
West Lothian FD  “A”
West Lothian FD  “B”

Heat 6 – 26th June
Balfron Piscatorials  “A”
Bothwell & Blantyre AC   "A"
Dumfries & Galloway Police AC  “B”
Gateside Flycasters  “B”
Heatherfly Fishers  “A”
Lintrathen FF  “B”
Pentland CS AC  “A”
Priory AC  "A"
SPRA FFS East  “B”
Strathy AC  “A”
Tartan Tyers  “A”
West Coast FFC  “A”

Heat 7 – 3rd July
Balfron Piscatorials  “B”
Barrhead AC  “A”
Brechin AC  “A”
Caley Liners FF  “A”
Grizzlecats  “B”
Kelso AA  “A”
Kilmarnock FF  “B”
Lintrathen FF  “A”
Neilston FF  “B”
Stranraer & District AA  “A”
Tartan Tyers  “B”
Heat 8 – 10th July
Caley Liners FF  "B"
Central Belters FF  “B”
Dunfermline Rusty Nail AC  “A”
Gartmore AC  “A”
Glenburn AC  “A”
Kelso AA  “B”
Lochgilphead & District AC  “B”
Phoenix AC  “A”
Strathy AC  "A"
St Boswells, Newtown & District AA  “A”
West Coast FFC  "A"

Heat 9 – 17th July
Aberdour AA  “B”
Costa Ecosse  "B"
Falkirk Municipal AC  “A”
Falkirk Municipal AC  “B”
Ferry FF  “A”
Neilston FF  “A”
Rothes Oak AC  “A”
Strathgryfe AA  “A”

Heat 10 – 24th July
Costa Ecosse  “A”
Dumfries & Galloway Police AC  “A”
Frozen North AC  “A”
Frozen North AC  “B”
Gartmore AC  “B”
Largs & District AC  “A”
Priory AC  "A"
RAF Fish Hawks  “B”
Watch Water FF "A"
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