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2016 Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship

RGMC Properties Ltd
Tel 01224 810375

Ray Anderson
Mob 07799206463
Wychwood Game
Steve Cullen
Brand Manager
Seamus Kelly
Electrical Contractor
Maggie Scott
TJL Fishing
Gallery Fishings
Jim Youngman Carpets
01289 303323

Points North (International) Ltd

Orwell Ladies
Curling Club
International Loch Teams:

Fishers, the Lake of Menteith Fishery, Albert Bartlett and 7plus7 Construction are the main sponsors of the Spring and Autumn International Teams in 2016. Fishers have provided support for the teams since 2011 and in 2012 elected to sponsor the teams for 5 years. This is the eigth year that the Lake of Menteith has sponsored the teams and we are grateful to them for their continued support. The funding provided by them will be used to reduce the costs that would otherwise have to be paid by the individual team members.

The Fishers website can be viewed at www.fishersdirect.com
The Lake of Menteith website can be viewed at www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk
The Albert Bartlett website can be viewed at www.albertbartlett.com
The 7plus7 Construction website can be viewed at www.7plus7.co.uk

Flyfish Europe have sponsored the international loch teams for a number of years and will also do so again in 2016.  The teams are also sponsored in 2016 by CEF,  Newey and Eyre, Jim Youngman Carpets, Magnet Trade,  Principal & Prosper,  MGM Timber,  Travis Perkins,  Bell Donaldson Steele,  Edinburgh Show Tec,  Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers,  The Place, Edinburgh,  Gallery Fishings North Esk, Orwell Ladies Curling Club,  Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group and TJL Fishings. The sponsors websites can be visited by clicking on their logos.

International Rivers Team:

The International Rivers Team for 2016 will be sponsored by RGMC Properties Ltd, Points North (International) Ltd and Fly-Fishing World.

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship

The 2016 Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship will be sponsored for a fourth year by Ridgeline UK. The Ridgeline products can be viewed by clicking on the Ridgeline logo. The hook/fly measures used in the National are provided by 7 Plus 7 Construction  and each competitor will receive a packet of fritz from Frozen North Fly Fishing.

Scottish Club Championship:

In 2016 the Scottish Club Championship will be sponsored by Keir Hardie Joinery as the provider of the hook/fly measures, along with Fly Tying Scotland who are providing fritz in the semi-finals and final and The lake of Menteith who are providing commemorative bottles of beer and flasks of whisky.

Champion of Champions:

The Champion of Champions will be sponsored in 2016 by Snowbee. The Snowbee website can be visited by clicking on their logo.

The SANACC Committee wish to thank these sponsors for supporting our teams and competitions and it would be appreciated if our members would in turn support them.

Flybox Raffles

The Spring and Autumn Teams are tying flies which will be put in two presentation fly boxes each of which will contain 140 flies. These boxes will be raffled during the 2016 season with raffle tickets for the first box being available at the National Championship Heats prior to the Spring International and tickets for the second box being available at the semi finals prior to the Autumn International. The boxes are being provided by W. S. Sinclair.

Fly Box Raffle for Autumn International Team

The raffle for the fly box in aid of the Autumn Team was drawn after the semi-final at the Lake of Menteith on Friday 1st July.  The fly box was won by Alan Brock.

The Autumn Team wish to thank everyone who bought a ticket for the raffle.

Fly Box - Spring Team Raffle

The draw for the presentation box of flies tied by the Spring Team was done at the tenth heat of the National Championship at the Lake of Menteith on 19th May.  The winner was Tyler Hay (pictured right).

The Spring Team wish to thank everyone who bought tickets for the raffle.

The Loch Teams wish to thank the following organisations and individuals who sponsored pegs or provided prizes or support for the fundraisers. They also wish to thank all of the anglers who attended the fundraisers.

Prizes & Support Povided By:  Fishers, Angus Angling, Wychwood, Airflo, Scierra, The Rose House, R & M Distribution Ltd, Knockhill Racing, Kinross Golf Courses, Lake of Menteith,  Upper Carriston Fishery, Carron Valley Fishery, Markle Fishery, Flybox, FritznFlies,  Ian Wilson, Seamous Kelly,  Mrs Burns and Mrs Mackenzie.

Pegs sponsored by: Maggie Scott,  Geyer Plant Services Ltd,  N D Barrett Electrical Contractor,  Ray Anderson Joiney, Gus Shepherd and  Allan Smith Electrical.
New Haylie Fundraiser - 27th February

Brian Mackenzie stepped up on his fourth place at Markle to win the New Haylie Fundraiser with 17 fish and for good measure he also won a spot prize bottle of wine.  In second place with 13 fish was Kevin Andrews and third was Bobby Quinn with 11.  Bobby also won a spot prize bottle of wine and the third spot prize went to Alan Brock.  A total of 187 fish were caught and released.  The teams wish to thank George & Senga for providing a great days sport and lunch to match.  They also wish to thank Mrs Mackenzie for providing the cakes,  Andy Dunn, Gus Shepherd and Alan Gilbert for managing the event and of course Alex Bowler for providing his expertise as an auctioner and time keeper.

Brian Mackenzie receiving
his prizes from Andy Dunn
2nd - Kevin Andrews 
3rd Bobby Quinn
Spot prize - Alan Brock

 New Haylie Fundraiser
27th February
1stBrian Mackenzie17
2ndKevin Andrews13
3rdBobby Quinn11
4thCampbell Morgan10

Graham Lynch9

Neill Barrett9

Nigel Burns8

Michael Low8

Alan Steven8

Jim Crawford7

Scott Aitken7

Alan Hill7

Alan Brock5

Kenny Sichi5

Blaine Lyon5

Colin Macdonald5

Stewart Barclay5

Mark McNaughton5

Graham Steele4

Kenny McClymont4

Ally Middlemass4

Alan Martin4

Jim Mckinley4

Stevie Cowan3

Alan Brock(snr)3

Eileen Quinn3

Andrew McAdam3

Colin McGlone3

Kirk Lyon1

Ross Carnegie1

Ronny McKean 1

Shug Shaw
Parkview Fundraiser - 21st February 2016

The second fundraiser of the year was held at Parkview Fishery and once again Jim and Edna did a great job for us and produced an excellent days sport with catering to match.  A total of 116 fish were caught and released and they included fish of 8lbs,  8lbs 10ozs, 9lbs 8ozs and 10lbs 12ozs.  The lucky anglers who caught these beauties were awarded extra fish with the three under 10lbs counting as an additional 3 fish and the one at 10lbs 12ozs counting as an additional 4 fish.  There was very little to split the top three anglers all of whom had received a bonus of three additional fish.  Third spot went to Stewart Barclay with 11 fish.  Second place went to Euan McDougall with 12 fish and the overall winner was Ronnie Gilbert also with 12 fish.  With the top two being tied on 12 fish the result went to Ronnie Gilbert as he caught his first fish before Euan.

The heaviest at 10lbs 12ozs was caught by Neil Anderson and the prize for the first fish of the day went to Neill Barrett.

The loch teams wish to thank all of the competitors and everyone who bought raffle tickets as well as the many sponsors and providers of prizes and of course Wullie Simpson who organised and managed the fundraiser for them.

Ronnie Gilbert receiving his
prizes from Wullie Simpson

Euan McDougall receiving his 
prizes from Wullie Simpson
Stewart Barclay - 3rd
Neil Anderson - heaviest fish
Neill Barrett - first fish

Neil Anderson
and 10lb 12oz trout

Euan McDougall
and 8lb trout

Parkview  -  21st February

1stRonnie Gilbert12
2ndEuan McDougall12
3rdStewart Barclay11
4thMichael Low10

Derek Pozzi9

Grant Sutherland9

Neil Anderson9

Neill Barrett8

Jock Kettles7

Andy Dunn6

Richard Haughton5

Wullie Leach4

Sandy Sutherland4

Murray Hunter3

Derek Purves3

Stevie Anderson3

Derek Sibson3

Alan McLachlan3

Russell Dixon3

Alan Smith2

Colin Broadhead1

Ray Anderson1

Allan Smith1
Scottish International Loch Teams Cup
Markle 6th February 2016

The first of the three fundraisers got off to a great start with the SANACC International Loch Teams Cup at Markle and the staff there had the fish in excellent condition and did a great job to make sure everyone had an enjoyable time.  There was a chilly wind blowing for most off the day which finally eased off in the last 30 minutes but it stayed dry and the conditions were as good as can be expected in February.  Anyone who was feeling the cold was warmed at lunchtime with lentil soup provided as ever by Nigel's wife followed by pies and beans provided by the fishery.  Just to make sure the chill was erased there was a miniature of whisky, provided by R & M Distribution Ltd, for all competitors and for those that still had room there was a choice of three cakes baked by Brian Mackenzie's wife.  There was some fishing done and the 60 competitors landed 257 trout.

The top two rods, Colin Macdonald of Dunoon & District AC and Andrew Barrowman of Granite City AC, had 11 trout apiece with Colin taking the top spot as he was the first of the two to catch a fish.   Colin received the winners trophy along with a Greys Rod and Reel while Andrew received an Airflo Switch Pro Reel.  Alan Brock and Brian Mackenzie were third and fourth with 9 fish and were followed in 5th and 6th by Stuart Malcolmson and Lee Cartmail who had 8. Alan received a Greys net and Rio flyline; Brian received a Scierra Boat Bag and fly line; Stuart received a Rio fly line and Lee received a Scierra fishing vest. The first fish of the day was caught at 9.15am by Wullie Brash who received a bottle of malt whisky.  There were three tagged fished to be caught with superb prizes for whoever caught them  Mark Anderson picked up the first of the tagged fish and won a nights bed and breakfast for two at the Lake of Menteith Hotel.  Ian Wilson picked up the second one and won a season ticket for Knockhill Racing.  The third tagged fish was a bit smarter and kept its freedom.

Colin Macdonald receiving the winners trophy,
a Greys Rod and other prizes from Nigel

Andrew Barrowman receiving
his prizes

3rd placed
Alan Brock

4th placed
Brian Mackenzie

5th placed
Stuart Malcalmson

6th placed
Lee Cartmail

First fish caught
Wullie Brash

Raffle Prizes

tagged fish
Mark Anderson

tagged fish
Ian Wilson
SANACC International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup
Markle 6th February 2016
1Colin MacDonald11
2Andrew Barrowman11
3Alan Brock9
4Brian Mackenzie9
5Stuart Malcolmson8
6Lee Cartmail8

Neill Barrett8

Derek Purves8

Wullie Brash7

Ray Anderson7

Jim Tuck7

Kerr Edwards7

Steve Cochrane7

John Cree6

Kenny Sichi6

Gordon Fisher6

Darrell Young6

David Tyrie6

Jim Doyle5

Keith Doig5

Ian Wilson5

Laurie Taylor5

Alan Brock snr5

Ronnie Robb5

Derek Hessett5

Stevie Whitehead5

Shane Kelly5

Kenny Hope5

Sandy page5

Wullie Leach4

Colin Harris4

Stuart Marklow4

Robert Anderson4

Mark Anderson4

Allan Gamble4

Brian Taylor4

George Penlin3

Andrew Glasgow3

Wee Eck3

Alex McEwan3

N Rayburn2

Ben Robertson2

Chris McGhee2

Chris Harkess2

Ally Middlemas2

Tracey Tuck2

Stewart Barclay2

Mark McEwan1

Ritchie Anthony1

Derek Pozzi1

Paul Harvey1

John Paul Maestri1

Murray Hunter1

Peter Edge1

I Evans1

Jim Hope

Russell Dixon

Malcolm Robinson

R Philips

Stevie Anderson

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