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Fly Box Raffle
Spring Team - 2024
Lough Ennell

Throughout the National heats competitors had the opportunity to take part in a raffle for a presentation box of flies that had been tied by the team going to the Spring International at Lough Ennell. The raffle raised £550 which went towards the costs that the team members would have had to pay themselves.  The team wish to thank everyone who took part and helped them win the gold medal.

The box was won by Scott Henderson (photo)
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 8 - Harray Loch 26th May

It’s that time of year again where the road to winning a place in the Scottish Fly Fishing teams begins with the Harray Qualifier on Sunday 26th of May.

23 anglers contested the Harray heat with a good representation made from anglers outwith Orkney. Great to see anglers from Shetland, Caithness and Angus choosing to fish the heat in Orkney. The match was run by Orkney Trout Fishing Association on behalf of SANACC, with huge thanks to Norman Irvine for weighing and measuring and Leslie Miller who did the recording and calculations to give a result in quick time, and to Paul Miller who stepped in as the Port Angler to even up the numbers.

There was a slight change of wind from South East to East, quite brisk at times but there was full cloud all of which helped the cause, providing some shelter down the east side. The middle third of the loch seemed popular for a starting point, with Ballarat, Ess Holms and Horse Shoe popular, only two boats chose to fish the open water of Biggings, all the others were fishing over skerries or on to shores.

Top rod on the day was Kevin Porteous of FNF Falcons, with a tremendous basket of 10 fish for 9lb 1oz, second was James Bews, with 8 fish for 8lb 1oz and third was Frank Watt, Shetland FFA with 8 fir 7lb 4 ozs. The match was fished to a 6 fish kill, then de-barb and catch and release. Others who found success on the day and qualification for the next round included, Brian Foreman, Stuart Leslie, Malcolm Russell, Ian Hutcheon, Kevin Imlach, Erlend Hutchison, Jim Adams, William Taylor and Ian Cannop.

Typical of Harray, there were numerous ways to catch your fish, with methods ranging from fishing Hedgehogs on a floating line to mini lures on a DI7. Kevin’s winning tactic was to fish the skerries and drop offs around the Ess Holms, using the FNF Arc line to great effect, short lining with the line giving the all important swoop up of the flies to the surface, it obviously made the difference. James fished mini lures on a DI7 out off Biggings taking his fish on standard Orkney patterns. Others reported peach or orange flies doing the business on Midge Tips, Slow Glass lines etc.

Tight lines and every success to those who qualified, as they proceed to semi finals at various venues across Scotland.
photo from left:
Kevin Porteous, James Bews and Frank Watt
Back row from left: Michael Callaghan (IFFA Secretary,  Neil Cockburn,  Derek Keenan (manager),  Calum Clark,  Sandy McConnachie,  Wullie Simpson,  Martin McCafferty,  George Telford, Tyler Hay and Paul Angell (IFFA President)
Front row:  George Mackenzie (international secretary),  Gregor Fleming,  Kevin McCabe,  Michael Ward,  Sean McCaffrey (captain),  Colin Macdonald,  Peter Cameron and Ally Middlemass.  
Scottish Club Championship
Heat 3- 25th May 2024
Sponsored by The Lake Of Menteith, Snowbee, Glencairn Crystal, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Angus Angling, McLanachlan Transport Ltd and My Fishing Flies.
Ten  teams took part in heat 3 of the clubs championship and the 30 anglers caught a total of 119 trout.  Top club was Glencoe FF "B" with as total of 23 trout for 47lb 11oz.  Glencoe were represented by Cameron Duncan (16 fish),  Brian Quinn (3 fish and Colin Sharp (4 fish).  The team received a £30 voucher provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific and each member of the team received a pack of flies provided by My Fishing Flies.

In second place with 18 trout for 38lb 3.6oz was Military Veterans FFC "B" and they were represented by Jock Royan (6 fish),  John Maestri (7 fish) and Del Spry (3 fish).  Dalzell AC "B" represented by Eddie Brophy (5 fish), Jim Jack (9 fish) and Jim Donnelly (2 fish) were third with a total of 16 trout for 34lb 14.4oz.  The fourth placed club was Perth RASC "A" represented by Grant Sutherland (2 fish), Andy Kemp (13 fish) and Keith Doig (1 fish).  These four teams qualified for the semi-finals.

The heaviest fish of the night weighed 4lb 10.5oz and was caught by Jimmy Watson of Balbeggie AC.
The top six individuals that qualified for the Champion of Champions final were:-

1. Cameron Duncan of Glencoe with 16 trout for 33lb 4.7oz
2. Andy Kemp of Perth RASC with 13 trout for 27lb 1.8oz
3. Jim Jack of Dalzell with 9 trout fort 19lb 1.4oz
4. John Maestri of Military Veterans with 9 trout for 18lb 8.7oz
5. Jock Royan of Military Veterans with 6 trout for 13lb 8.8oz
6. Andy Durk of Strathgryfe with 6 trout for 12lb 9.9oz
Cameron Duncan, Colin Sharp and Brian Quinn
Spring International
Lough Ennell -  24th May 2024



Scottish Club Championship
Heat 2 - 18th May 2024
Sponsored by The Lake Of Menteith, Snowbee, Glencairn Crystal, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Angus Angling, McLanachlan Transport Ltd and My Fishing Flies.
Eleven teams took part in the second of the Saturday night heats and the 33 anglers caught a total of 107 fish.  The top team on the night was Military Veterans FFC "A" with 25 fish for 52lb 13.1.  They were represented by Jock Kettles (6 fish), Graeme Ferguson (11 fish) and Glen Lamont (8 fish) and each of them received a box of flies provided by My Fishing Flies and as a team they also received a £30 voucher provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific.  

In second place, represented by Gregor Fleming (8 fish), Mark Fleming (2 fish) and Joseph Wood (7 fish), were Albacats FF "B" with a total of 17 fish for 34lb 11.2oz.  Third place went to Central Belters FF "A" with a total of 12 fish for 26lb 13oz and they were represented by Ian Stirrat (3 fish),  Conner McGurk (4 fish) and Adam Jukes (5 fish).  And the fourth spot went to SPRA East AC  "B" with 9 fish for 19lb 13.1oz and they were represented by John Curry (5 fish), Bob Salmond (3 fish) and Jim Walker (1 fish).

The heaviest fish on the night weighed 5lb 2.2oz and was caught by John Curry.
The top six competitors who qualified for the Champion of Champions final were:-

1.  Graeme Ferguson of Military Veterans with 11 fish for 22lb 9.6oz
2.  Glen Lamont of Military Veterans with 8 fish for 16lb 11.9oz
3.  Gregor Fleming of Albacats with 8 fish for 16lb 1.9oz
4.  Joseph Wood of Albacats with 7 fish for 14lb 1.3oz
5.  Jock Kettles of Military Veterans with 6 fish for 13lb 7.6oz
6.  John Curry of SPRA East with 5 fish for 12lb 13.2oz
photo: from left
Graeme ferguson, Glen Lamont and Jock Kettles
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 7 - Loch Leven - 14th May 2024

Top rod, and winner of a pair of Vision sunglasses, in heat 7 of the National at Loch Leven was Robert Wilson of Glencoe FF.  Robert netted 8 trout for 10lb 3.1oz.  In second with 6 trout for 7lb 14.7oz was David Moore of Dunfermline Artisans.  David Couper of Kilbirnie AC was third with 3trout for 5lb 6.7oz.  18 anglers took part and the top 9 qualified for the semis.

photo from left:
Robert Wilson, David Moore and David Couper

Scottish Club Championship
Heat 1 - 11th May 2024
Sponsored by The Lake Of Menteith, Snowbee, Glencairn Crystal, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Angus Angling, McLanachlan Transport Ltd and My Fishing Flies.
Twelve teams took part in the first of the Saturday night heats and the 36 anglers caught a total of 111 fish.  The top team on the night was Albacats FF "A" with 17 fish for 38lb 6.4oz.  They were represented by Greig Davie(7 fish), Stevie Welsh (7 fish) and Jim Mckinlay (3 fish) and each of them received a box of flies provided by My Fishing Flies and as a team they also received a £30 voucher provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific.  In second place with 12 fish for 31lb 10.10oz were Rescobie Loch DA represented by Ron Gray (3 fish),  George Gall (6 fish) and .  In third with 12 fish for 28lb 1.8oz were Gartmote Aberfoyle & District AC "A" represented by Calum Fraser (1 fish),  Jim Jackson (2 fish) and Archie Whitehead (9 fish).  Firecats "A" represented by Calum Clark (4 fish),  Campbell Cree (4 fish) and Martyn Shaw (3 fish) were fourth.  These four teams qualified for the semi-final on 9th August.  The heaviest fish on the night weighed 6lb 12.9oz and was caught by Lee Anderson of Rescobie Loch DA.

The top six individuals going through to the Champion of Champions Final were:-

1.  Archie Whitehead of Gartmore Aberfoyle & District AC with 9 fish for 21lb 0.8oz
2.  Keith Logan of Heriot AC with 8 fish for 17lb 11oz
3.  Greig Davie of Albacats FF with 7 fish for 15lb 8.3oz
4.  Stevie Whitehead of Dalzell AC with 6 fish for 15lb 0.4oz
5.  Stevie Welsh of Albacts FF with 7 fish for 14lb 14.1oz
6.  Jimmy McBride of SPRA East AC with 7 fish for 14lb 4.3oz

photo from left
Stevie Welsh, Jim Mckinlay and Greig Davie
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 6 - Lintrathen - 9th May

The 37 competitors in heat 6 of the National were treated to a warmer wind for their session than had been experienced during the previous five heats.  Lintrathen hosted the heat and provided a sunny day with some occasional cloud cover.  There had been very heavy rain overnight and once again conditions didn't make the fishing easy.  However the competitors caught a total of 115 trout and the top 19 of them qualified for the semis.
Top rod and recipient of a pair of Vision sunglasses was Ronnie Gilbert of Greys Menteith Ospreys.  Ronnie was fishing in the sawmill area where he netted seven fish on a mix of cormorants and buzzers.  The second placed angler was James Thomson of Perth Anglers who took 5 fish on traditional wet flies in the sawmill area.  The third placed angler, Ed Brown of the Dundee AC also fished the sawmill area and netted 6 fish on crunchers.

The heats move to Leven on Tuesday 14th May followed by a break before the final heat at Harray at the end of the month.

photo from left:
Ronnie Gilbert, Ed Brown and James Thomson
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 5 - Lake of Menteith - 7th May

Conditions were a touch warmer for heat 5 of the National which was held at the Lake of Menteith.  Forty four four anglers took part and caught a total of 343 trout.  The top twenty three qualified for the semis.  

Top rod and recipient of a pair of Vision sunglasses was Keith Logan of the Heriot AC who netted 31 trout.  Keith won the Champion of Champions at the Lake in 2023 and looks to be on a roll.

In second place with 23 fish was Alex Grant of Select FF and the third spot went to Mark McNaughton of Lochend FF who netted 21 trout.

Top spots were around Tod Hole and International Bay where dries and buzzers were the tactics.

photo from left:
Alex Grant, Keith Logan and Mark McNaughton

The next heat is at Lintrathen on Thursday 9th May.
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 4 - Frandy - 2nd May 2024

That cold north easterly wind that has been there for most of the heats was back again for heat 4 which was held at Frandy on 2nd May.  Just to make things harder there wasn't a cloud in the sky and fishing at Frandy was difficult.  There were 26 competitors for the heat and between them they caught 55 fish.  The top 13 qualified for the semis.

Top rod and recipient of a pair of Vision sunglasses was Martin McCafferty of Future FF who netted 9 fish.

Ronnie McKean of East Kilbride AC was second with 6 fish and Kenny Finlayson of Strathgryfe AA was third with 4 fish.

The top three rods fished the southern end of the reservoir and used di3 and di7 lines with a mix of boobies, fabs, blobs and cormorants.

The National returns to the Lake of Menteith on Tuesday 7th May for heat 5.

photo from  left:
Kenny Finlayson, Martin McCafferty and Ronnie McKean
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 3 - Lake of Menteith - 25th April 2024

Heat 3 of the National was at Menteith on 25th April and the competitors had to contend with a chilly breeze throughout the session.  The day started off bright but gradually clouded over to give a mix of cloud, sun, rain and hail.  However the fishing was good with the 51 anglers netting a total of 414 fish.  The heaviest four trout at the scales weighed 6lb 13oz, 6lb 4oz, 6lb and 5lb 2oz.  A further four were over 4lb.  With 51 competitors the top 26 qualified for the semi-finals.

Top rod and recipient of a pair of Vision sunglasses was Gregor Fleming of Albacats FF who had 22 trout for 45lb 1.5oz.  Scott Pozzi of Rainbow AC was second with 18 trout and Calum Clark of Firecats was third with 16 trout.  Our thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting the Championship.

The top three rods took their fish at Dog Island, Cages Bay, Sams Point, Hotel Bay and the Road Shore fishing cormorants, diawl bachs, fabs and boobies on floating and midge tip lines.

The next heat is at Frandy on 2nd May
photo: from left
Gregor Fleming, Calum Clark and Scott Pozzi
Scottish Club Championship 2024

There are still places available in the lower section of the draw
Saturday night heats start at 5.30pm

Heat 1 -11th May

Albacats FF  "A"
Caurnie AC  "A"
Dalzell AC  "A"
Firecats  "A"
Firecats  "B"
Gartmore Aberfoyle & District AC  "A"
Heriot AC  "A"
Rescobie Loch DA  "A"
Lochend FF  "B"

Heat 2 - 18th May

Airdrie AC  "B"
Albacats FF  "B"
Central Belters FF  "A"
Dunfermline Railway AC  "A"
Grimm Anglers  "A"
Kilmarnock FF  "A"
Lintrathen FF  "A"
Lochend FF  "A"
Military Veterans FFC  "A"
West Coast FFC  "A"
West Lothian FD AC  "A"

Heat 3 - 25th May

Balbeggie AC  "A"
Bridge of Weir Loch AC  "A"
Dalzell AC  "B"
Dunfermline Rusty Nail AC  "A"
Glencoe FF  "B"
Military Veterans FFC  "B"
Pentland Civil Service AC  "A"
Perth RASC AC  "A"
Rescobie Loch DA  "B"
Strathhgryfe AA  "A"

Heat 4 - 1st June

Balfron Piscatorials  "B"
Brechin AC  "A"
Drumbowie FF  "A"
FNF Falcons  "A"
Glencoe FF  "A"
Port Ellen AC  "A"
Port Ellen AC  "B"
Port Glasgow AC  "A"
Port Glasgow AC  "B"
Stirling Castle AC  "A"

Heat 5 - 8th June

Balbeggie AC  "B"
Balfron Piscatorials  "A"
Black Bull FFC  "A"
East Kilbride AC  "B"
Falkirk Municipal AC  "A"
Falkirk Municipal AC  "B"
Harelaw FF  "B"
Kelso AA  "B"
Leslie & Glenrothes AC  "A"
Phoenix FF  "A"

Heat 6 - 15th June

Airdrie AC  "A"
Black Bull FFC  "B"
Dumfries & Galloway Police AC  "A"
Harelaw FF  "A"
Select FF  "B"
Newton Stewart & District AA  "A"
Saltire FF  "A"
Tweed Valley Tanglers  "A"

Heat 7  -  22nd June

Bothwell & Blantyre AC  "A"
Dunfermline Artisans  "A"
Dunfermline Artisans  "B"
East Kilbride AC  "A"
Johnstone FF  "A"
Hawick AC  "A"
Kelso AA  "A"
Largs & District AC  "A"

Heat 8 - 29th June

Bridge Of Allan 76 AC  "A"
Costa Ecosse  "A"
Lochgilphead & District AC  "A"
Newton Stewart & District AA  "A"
RAF Fish Hawks  "A"
RAF Fish Hawks  "B"
Rothes Oak AC  "A"
West Coast FFC  "A"

Heat 9 - 6th July

Aberdour AA  "A"
Barrhead AC  "A"
Brechin AC  "B"
Costa Ecosse  "B"
Priory AC  "A"
Rosyth CSSC  "A"
Rosyth CSSC  "B"
Select FF  "A"
Strathleven FF  "A"

Heat 10 - 13th July

Cupar AC  "A"
Dunfermline Railway AC  "B"
Ferry FF  "A"
Lochan Dubh  "A"
Lochgilphead & District AC  "B"
Phoenix AC  "A"
West Lothian FD AC  "B"
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct, Vision, 7Plus7 Construction and R&E Hygiene
Heat 2 - Harelaw - 12th April 2024

Thirty eight anglers contested heat 2 which was held at Harelaw on 12th April.  It was dry and blustery when they set off at the start of the session and they weren't far into the day when the rain came in and the temperature dropped.  The rain was on and off for the rest of the day and fishing conditions were difficult.  However the fish were there to be caught and between the 38 of them they caught 127 fish.

Top rod and recipient of a pair Vision sunglasses was Alan Harvie of Greys Menteith Ospreys who netted 8 fish for 15lb 11.8oz.  Close behind in second was Wayne Cram of West Lothian FD who had 7 fish for 14lb 4.9oz. Third place, also with 7 fish but slightly lighter at 14lb 4oz was  Kyle Courtney of Flybox.  The top three were fishing a mix of lines and varied between pulling and twiddling blobs and boobies.  The top 19 qualified for the semis.

The next heat is back at Menteith on 25th April.
photo from the left
Alan Harvie, Wayne Cram and Kyle Courtney
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Fishers Direct
Heat 1 - Lake of Menteith 9th April 2024
The 2024 National Championship is now up and running with the the first heat being held at the Lake of Menteith on 9th April.  43 anglers took part and had to contend with torrential rain as they set off at the start of the session.  The heat was fished to a two fish kill with 2lb being awarded for each returned fish.  A total of 363 fish for 772 lbs were caught and the top 22 anglers progressed to the semi-finals.  
Top rod on the day was Kevin McCabe of Change FF AC with 21 fish for 42lb 14.8oz.  Kevin received a pair of Vision sunglasses and we wish to thank Vision Fly Fishing UK and Fishers Direct for sponsoring the championship.  In second place with 16 fish for 32lb 12.4oz was George Telford of Avonbank Fishery CIC and in third with 16 fish for 31lb 15.1oz was John Simpson of Glasgow Post Office AC.
Heat 2 will be held at Harelaw on Friday 12th April.
Fundraiser - Waterfront Fishery
Sunday 3rd March 2024

Ben Robertson, Joseph Wood and Peter Cameron from the 2024 international teams ran a fundraiser at Waterfront Fishery, Coylton over two heats and a final.  The final was held on Sunday 3rd March and was a great success.
The teams wish to thank Colin and his team at the Waterfront for providing excellent fishing and superb catering.  They also wish to thank the Waterfront Coffee Shop and Restaurant, Renovo Group Property Solutions, Bruces Bites, Burnhouse Lochans, Clicks Convert, Stuart Marklow Plastering Services, MF Roofing and Roughcasting, New City Chinese Restaurant, Allt Fishing, Joseph Wood Internal Plastering, AB Developments, C Wood Plastering, Clockwork Gas Services and Mick Tait Plumbing plus all of the anglers who took part and everyone who donated prizes.
Conditions for the final heat were excellent. Overcast and a good ripple on the loch. Fish were high up in the water and were really on.
First fish in the morning went to Andy Boylan with 20 seconds on the clock. First fish after lunch went to Tam Jarvie on his 1st cast. 30 rods landed 260 fish for the day. 22 double figure fish were landed with 3 fish around the 20lb mark. Rod average was 8.6 fish. All anglers caught with no blanks.

Top Rod Kyle Courtney
receiving his prize from Waterfront Manager, Colin
It was a close call in the end. Robert Boyes was in the lead after the morning session. Kyle Courtney wasnt far behind and fished great after lunch.

photo on left
2nd place Robert Boyes

photo on right
3rd place Tam Jarvie
Apps worms were the best fly today. Damsel, rabbits and flies under the bung accounted for a lot of fish also. Loads of fish were also lost and a few anglers were snapped off by the bigger fish.

photo on left
1st fish in the morning - Andy Boylan

photo on right
1st fish in the afternoon - Tam Jarvie
Kyle Courtney was the winner. He won £300 plus a days fishing for 2 and 3 course lunch for 2 people in the Waterfront Restaurant.

Full Result

1. Kyle Courtney 22 fish 32 points
2. Robert Boyes 21 fish 32 points
3. Tam Jarvie 18 fish 28 points
4. James McLeary 18 fish 27 points
5. Robert Aitken 13 fish 20 points
6. Andy Boylan 11 fish 20 points
7. Mark Fleming 14 fish 19 points
8. George Armour 12 fish 19 points
9. Michael Ward 10 fish 19 points
10. Ian Scott 13 fish 18 points
11. Campbell Cree 11 fish 18 points
12. Alec Bowler 9 fish 15 points
13. Bryan Boylan 9 fish 14 points
14. Kenny McClean 9 fish 14 points
15. George Charters 8 fish 13 points
16. Kenny Dickens 8 fish 12 points
17. Kevin Malcolm 7 fish 12 points
18. Mike Deveeny 7 fish 10 points
19. Calum Clark 5 fish 10 points
20. Derek Marklow 4 fish 8 points
21. Dod Smith 4 fish for 8 points
22. Bryan Fletcher 4 fish 7 points
23. James Hope 3 fish 6 points
24. Paul O'Neill 3 fish 5 points
25. Chris Barrie 1 fish 2 points
26. Keith McDonald 1 fish 2 points
27. Jim McGregor 1 fish 2 points
28. Chris Barrie 1 fish 2 points
29. Stuart Marklow 1 fish 2 points
30. Martin McCafferty 1 fish 2 points
Fundraiser - Millhall Fishery
Sunday 25th February 2024

The fund raiser for the Scottish International loch style fly fishing team @ Millhall Fishery on Sunday 25th February raised a total of £1360. The results of today's fundraiser was:

1st Brad Chalmers 18 fish, 2nd Brad Gair 17 fish and 3rd place Martin McCafferty with 12 fish. A big thanks to all who participated. The team would like to thank Avonbank Fishery for supporting the fundraiser, Michael Low/Brad Chalmers for the fine cuisine lunch and to all who sponsored the event.

Bradley Chalmers
photo on left:
Brad Gair

photo on right:
Martin McCafferty
Parkview Fishery Fundraiser
For the 2024 International Loch Teams
Saturday 3rd February 2024

Spring Team member Wullie Simpson once again organised a fundraiser at Parkview Fishery and the twenty one anglers had to contend with a strong gusting wind that blew throughout the day.  It almost looked liked a re-run of the 2023 fundraiser with ten of the competitors that were there last year turning out again for this one.  There was no change at the top with the competition being won for the third year in a row by by Brian Mackenzie who netted 11 fish.

In second place with 6 fish was Alan Harvie (3rd at Cleughern last year) and in third, also with 6 fish, was Ronnie Gilbert (fourth last year).  In fourth place with 5 fish plus a bonus fish was last year's third Neill Barrett.  Neill's bonus fish was also the biggest fish of the day.

photo:  Brian Mackenzie receiving his prize from Jock Kettle and Wullie Simpson
Wullie was assisted on the day by Derek Purves and Derek Pozzi and the excellent catering was provided by Jim and Edna.  The teams wish to thank Angus Angling and Fishers and the many others who provided prizes along with the peg sponsors Recovery & Breakdown Kinglassie;  French Vehicle Services;  Ormiston Transport Training;  Parkview Fishery;  Watson Caravans;  Smith Street Motors;  Camelon Decorators;  Ormiston Law Practice;  James Brown Motors; David Bonnington Joinery and Craig Barr Flash Attack Flies.
second - Alan Harvie
third - Ronnie Gilbert
fourth and biggest fish - Neill Barrett
Parkview Fishery Fundraiser
3rd February 2024
1Brian Mackenzie11
2Alan Harvie6
3Ronnie Gilbert6
4Neill Barrett6
5th=Lenny McKenna5
5th=Eck Moffat5
7th=Colin Macdonald4
7th=Colin Sharp4
7th=Martin McCafferty4
7th=Scott Pozzi4

Jock Kettles3

Stevie Whitehead3

Wullie Leach3

John Walker2

Graham Brown1

Paul Cushnie1

William Thomson1

Peter Cameron1

Greg Davie1

Duncan Gray1

Stevie Anderson1

Fundraiser - Parkview Fishery
Saturday 3rd February
(in aid of the 2024 Loch Teams)

Wullie Simpson is running a fundraiser in aid of the 2024 loch teams at Parkview Fishery on Saturday 3rd February.  There are still a few places available.  Cost is £30 which includes a breakfast roll and and a pie at lunch.  Fishing starts at 9am with breakfast at 8.15ish.  As usual there will be plenty of raffle prizes with tickets on sale during the day and beforehand.  There are also still peg sponsor places available.  If you want to attend or donate a prize or sponsor a peg contact Wullie on 07761155925.

National Championship 2024
Dates and Venues


Tuesday 9th April - Menteith
Friday 12th April - Harelaw
Thursday 25th April - Menteith
Thursday 2nd May - Frandy
Tuesday 7th May - Menteith
Thursday 9th May - Lintrathen
Tuesday 14th May - Leven
Sunday 26th May - Harray


Tuesday 11th June - Lintrathen
Friday 14th June - Harelaw
Tuesday 18th June - Menteith
Friday 21st June - Harelaw
Friday 28th June - Menteith
2024 National Championship

Starting with the 2024 National Championship each club will be allowed to enter four competitors.

The date of the National Championship Final in 2024 will be Saturday 21st September.
Rod Licences  -  Press Release

03/02/17 12:19
Wild fisheries
Protecting the rights of anglers.

Anglers in Scotland will be shielded from increased costs. Proposals to introduce rod licences and a new wild fisheries levy will not be taken forward, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced.

The Scottish Government has ruled out these measures as well as the criminalisation of freshwater fishing without written permission and proposals to overhaul the structure and remit of District Salmon Fishery Boards, following a consultation on draft provisions for a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill and draft Wild Fisheries Strategy.

The Scottish Government will facilitate‎ work streams which encourage, empower and support the modernisation of fishery management, including the piloting of voluntary board mergers to identify any existing legislative issues. It will also develop a fishery management plan to trial any changes with boards and will also explore potential freshwater conservation provisions ahead of the introduction of a Bill to Parliament.

Ms Cunningham said:

“The Scottish Government is committed to supporting our famous and valuable wild fisheries, to modernise our fishery management structures and to establish a more secure and sustainable future for this vital sector.

“Our Wild Fisheries Bill will build on our significant conservation achievements to date, including the annual salmon conservation measures, Spring Conservation Orders, and the moratorium on coastal mixed stock fishery netting for three years.

“However it’s important that we represent the interests of our anglers, that’s why we have listened to the sector’s concerns around increasing costs and restricting access to fisheries and are ruling out the introduction of rod licences and a freshwater levy.

“We’ve heard through the consultation that these steps would limit the opportunities for our anglers and potentially discourage young people from taking part. Over and above this we will work with the angling community to identify ways to increase participation and to improve engagement across the sector.  

“I am grateful for the considerable time and energy that the wild fisheries sector has given to date to help inform the programme of reform. We will continue to work closely with our stakeholders to make sure the legislation that is ultimately brought forward is robust and fit for purpose, so that anglers have confidence in the management and development of the fisheries that they depend on.”
2022 National Champion
Tyler Hay
2022 River Champion
Dick Logan
2022 Scottish Club Champions
RAF Fish Hawks "B"
2022 Champion of Champions
Graeme Lynch
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